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We’re turning this site into a place where black walnuts can be turned from a mostly wasted resource into useful or tasty products. Black walnuts are a healthy, high-calorie, low-impact local food resource that already exists. Black walnut shells are a remarkably useful material. We literally just need to figure out how to pick black walnuts up and use them.

While New York State doesn’t have a nut industry of notable scale, it clearly has a climate suitable for growing nuts. Some traditional nut producing areas of the world appear be poised for a production decline due to disease pressure or water limitations. Nut production New York State could be poised for growth and tree crops allow us to grow food while keeping the soil protected and wildlife populations intact. Developing small-scale black walnut processing capability is a logical first step towards developing a new, ecologically responsible New York industry.

Come see for yourself how we are re-greening the black walnut.