Introducing Darn Nice Nuts, LLC

Darn Nice Nuts, LLC owner Darryl Wood is growing black walnuts at both his home just outside Binghamton as well as his farm outside Norwich. He is particularly interested in native New York hardwoods and has planted several thousand in Norwich. He continues to believe that black walnut trees can provide not only a superior lumber product, but also food via the nuts and other products. He is exploring tapping the trees to produce syrup similar to maple syrup as well as nocino, a liqueur made from immature black walnuts.

Black Squirrel Farms collection program members can drop off their walnuts with Darn Nice Nuts or work with Darryl on customized collection approaches. Reach out to Darryl at with questions or contact Black Squirrel Farms.

Details about supply pick-up and walnut drop-off at this site will be posted closer to collection season.

Do you have black walnuts growing near Binghamton, NY? Join the Black Squirrel Farms walnut collection program select Binghamton as your preferred dropoff site to make sure your walnuts don’t go to waste.

Darn Nice Nuts, LLC is a Black Squirrel Farms affiliate. Together we make are making black walnut collection possible for more NYS growers. Learn more about Darn Nice Nuts at: