Introducing Darn Nice Nuts, LLC

Darn Nice Nuts, LLC will operate two black walnut collection stations starting in Fall 2022. Black walnuts collected will be hulled and cured at both locations. The stations will be located at 677 Castle Creek Rd, Binghamton, and 363 County Rd 33, Norwich.

Join our black walnut collection program here.

Owner Darryl Wood is particularly interested in native New York hardwoods and has planted several thousand in Norwich, NY. Getting more involved in black walnut, a native tree, is an extension of this interest and reflects his belief that black walnut trees can provide more than just a superior lumber product.

Owner Darryl Wood and recently planted black walnuts

Darryl is a black walnut tree grower and thinks that the utility of black walnuts may extend beyond even lumber, nuts and nutshell products. In the near-term, he is interested in testing nocino, a liqueur that can be made from immature Black Walnuts, as well as tapping black walnuts trees for syrup in a manner similar to maple syrup. He is open to potential partnerships and can be reached through the Darn Nice Nuts Facebook page and by emailing