In the heart of NY Finger Lakes wine country…

At our 8+ acre site located at 590 NY 14, a multi-year effort to restore ecosystem integrity and integrate a diversity of edibles into a treescape of abundant black walnut is ongoing. We are:

  • Selectively removing invasive non-natives.
  • Flagging and mowing around understory plants we hope will flourish. 
  • Testing the introduction or re-introduction of key species with a focus on edible plants and native flowers and flowering trees with varying bloom times for pollinator support. 

In time, we hope to learn how to facilitate the establishment, development, and maintenance of a diverse, resilient, ecologically stable nut tree dominated landscape which supports rich and complex communities of plants and animals while providing for people.

In Yates County, NY, Tyler Seneca and Cattle, LLC is doing business as Black Squirrel Farms. We collect the black walnuts that grow on our land as well as that of other local growers in partnership with our affiliates. We process them in our facility. Learn more and join our black walnut collection program here.